Monday, March 12, 2012

Dietary Restrictions

My doctor told me my bad cholesterol was too high.

And then I went home and researched what exactly constitutes a cholesterol-reducing diet. I quickly determined that those recommendations were almost exactly contrary to the dietary recommendations for my digestive disorder. You see, dietary fiber reduces cholesterol, and I can't digest fiber effectively. A standard cholesterol-reducing diet would not only cause me sever pain, but would also put me at risk for intestinal obstruction. So I went to see a registered nutritionist.

Admittedly I am a difficult patient, but I do honestly feel that if I am paying someone for their advice I should not have to remind them of my limitations every 30 seconds.

Instead of limiting myself to a 3-item diet, I decided I don't actually care about my cholesterol. It's been at the same level for years now.

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