Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Anti-Pamphlet Society

At my university there was an area in front of the bookstore that was almost always populated by multiple people handing out pamphlets/leaflets/handbills/flyers of one sort or another.

On any given day you could join a dozen clubs, donate to multiple worthy causes, attend a handful of free concerts, and possibly have your vote swayed. Some friends and I printed up dozens of pamphlets detailing the evils of handing out pamphlets, and then made everyone's day a little more surreal by standing outside the bookstore and handing them out.

Most people would walk the gauntlet of pamphleteers and collect their leaflets, then read them as they walked away. This meant that people had gotten a good distance away before the hypocrisy of our message finally dawned on them. Sometimes they came back.

Sometimes it was hard to stay in character.

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