Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hamster vs World

I acquired Wheatley the hamster a few months ago. He came with a typical name, typical story, and typically tiny cage.

I plugged his cage into my collection of modular tube cages because that's basically the point of owning a hamster, right? He was very happy until a couple of weeks ago when he discovered he could push a certain plug out of the top of one of the cages.

After several days of intense searching I failed to find any trace of Wheatley. There was no signs of nesting, no poo, and no hamster tracks in the dust under the furniture. I assumed he had been eaten by one of the many predators in the house shortly after his escape.

So we were very surprised indeed when he turned up on the kitchen counter a week later in perfect health.

I ended up grabbing a small pod from the tube cage complex and setting it down in front of him. Wheatley climbed in immediately, and was plugged back into his cage system with minimal fuss. I still have no idea where he was for that week, how he avoided being devoured, or how he got onto the counter.

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  1. I'm so glad you found your hamster. Yes, when they find out how to escape the only thing on their mind is how they can do it again. In my experience, to get a hamster used to being held, you have to give them a looooong time to get used to you. Offer food and let hammie come to you. I let mine wander in an open (escape proof) area and plop myself down. Sooner or later they come up to me, at which point I thrum my fingers or some such. It takes forever but it's worth it.