Monday, September 15, 2014

"Can I Pet Your Dog?"

I was walking Awesomedog, Tinydog, and Fosteruahuah on the hiking trails one day when we were beset by a pack of preschoolers.
I could see them thundering down the trail, well ahead of their parents. Just behind the parents was a guy walking with a large dog sans leash. He kept calling it as rocketed off the trail and back, it didn't appear to hear him. The herd of toddlers spotted my dogs and came stampeding toward us.

It's nice that people teach their small children to ask before rushing someone else's dog, but it would be even nicer if they elaborated on "ask first". These tiny terrors had absolutely no idea what to do when the answer was something other than "yes".
This exchange was repeated for several minutes while the parents finally caught up and hauled their grabby offspring away. The owner of the other dog leashed it while I was fending off the preschoolers, thus saving me from having to break up a dog fight in the middle of a playgroup.


  1. LOL. This is SO me. My Wynston (Chihuahua) does not do well with small children. They have too much energy, they're small and move way too quickly toward him!! Forget it.

  2. I always say NO, too! The absolutely bewildered look that I get from most children is totally worth it! LMAO. One of my dogs is okay with polite kids, the other dog is skittish of everyone but immediate friends and family. We rescued her from the Humane Society and she had just been pulled from a house fire. She's just very skittish and doesn't like people reaching for her so I don't let random people try to pet her.