Thursday, August 25, 2011

We moved.

We moved into a new house that is down the street from Z's work. Now he doesn't have to commute an hour each way. We split with the roommates and rented a very old little house. We had a rough time finding a place around here that would rent to people with pets, so we signed paperwork and agreed to rent the place after just a brief walk-through. We didn't get to see the place again until moving day, when we discovered it was already inhabited by roaches. Also some wasps were building a nest over the back door. We immediately got to work fixing the problems.

The wasps were easy to get rid of, and the roaches were surprisingly quick to leave too. We put out a whole bunch of poison baits for them, cleaned like crazy, and kept everything in the refrigerator. Within a week of moving in we stopped seeing them at all. It's been almost two months and we have yet to see a single roach. That doesn't stop me from sneaking into the kitchen late at night and flipping on the lights really fast to see if I can catch them in the act.

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