Friday, October 7, 2011

May I offer you a drink?

My non-demonic cats are idiots. They fall off furniture, run into walls, and are incapable of functioning in the presence of tuna.

Like many cats, they enjoy drinking out of glasses while ignoring the perfectly good bowls of clean, fresh water we leave all over the floor for them.

My mother's cats do the same thing, so she always leaves a glass of water on the table for them. I tried that once.

I can't give them anything plastic to drink out of because one of them gets cat-acne. (Yes, this is a thing.) Once upon a time we had a bunch of adorable ceramic kitty dishes that the Hellions broke one by one. Then we started feeding them on our small dessert plates. When we started to run out of plates, we finally bought them stainless steel bowls. The poor, deprived little bastards are stuck trying to steal an illicit drink from the glasses of unsuspecting guests. It's pretty safe to say that any unattended beverage around here has been tainted with cat feet. Thirsty?

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