Friday, November 11, 2011

Beware of Pregnant Ladies.

My sister is pregnant again, and I'm keeping my distance. It's not that I'm not happy for her, I'm just afraid of her. See, the last time she was pregnant I had knee surgery during her second trimester. A week after my surgery I went out to dinner with my family and we decided to squish my brother and sister and I into the back seat of the car just like we did when we were kids. I still had stitches and couldn't bend my knee, so I decided to sit in the middle and put my leg between the front seats. This required a fair bit of maneuvering.

Yes, my 4.5 months pregnant sister sat on my hand with such force that she sprained my thumb. Normally this would be worthy of an "Oops!" or "I'm sorry!" or "Oh my god, are you ok?!"

I couldn't use my left hand for over a month, I had to stop using crutches to get around, and I finally went to a doctor when the swelling didn't go down after a few days.

That was almost three years ago, and to this day my sister has never given a hint of sympathy or apology. If I dare to bring it up she still insists that the entire thing was clearly my fault because she was pregnant. End of discussion.

I'm avoiding her until she has the second kid, for my own safety.

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