Monday, November 28, 2011

Mandatory Organ Donation

I come from a family of devout evangelical Christians who really, really don't understand why I use the Constitution instead of the Bible when considering what laws our country should and should not have. I grew up in a very Pro-life culture, surrounded by people who truly believe that laws restricting abortion are about saving lives.

I believe I may be espousing an unpopular opinion here...

But it's a pretty valid point when you really think about it.

There's really no way around it. If the government has a right to your body in order to save a life, than abortion should be illegal and kidney transplants should be compulsory. If you have a right to your own body even at the cost of another life, than abortion should be legal and bone marrow donation should be a personal choice.

I have yet to hear a good answer to this one that doesn't involve somehow legislating the morality of one religion on the entire population of a country founded on freedom of religion. Seriously, we could drastically reduce the rate of abortion through improved access to birth control, comprehensive sex education, and better welfare programs for single mothers. We could reduce the amount of shame and trauma an unplanned pregnancy can cause by eliminating the stigma against premarital sex and single mothers. We have all the studies we need to know what kind of education and social programs actually reduce unplanned pregnancy, yet most anti-abortion people would rather focus on a moral ideal where nobody has sex unless they're ready for a kid. Instead of facing reality and trying to reduce unplanned pregnancy, they attempt to overturn supreme court rulings while unborn babies die. I'm beginning to think that pro-life supporters are stupid, delusional, or just haven't given it that much thought...

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  1. You've convinced me, I'm for mandatory organ donation. We could do it by lottery, like the draft. That is a wonderful pro-choice argument, how come I haven't heard it before?